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Germany was blamed for crime upon crime, the soviets were guilty for. Katyn was just the tip of the iceberg. And look into just how that Nuremberg Law came to be. Are you people serious? How many deaths have UK, US and others as western nations caused to further our interests? HOw about our allies? Imagine if we lost some big conflict, you think all those deaths won't be linked to us as some sort of genocide?

The millions in Vietnam, Korea, Iraq? Winners create casualties, losers murder people but in the end they are all the same sort of dead. Stalin was a ruthless leader of a huge country. And no it isn't a good thing that so many die hardly the million claimed in the original post though, JC, what are you on?

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At least he and the soviets fought on our side, and you want to hand Hilter the misunderstood guy award? For the latest updates across BBC blogs, visit the Blogs homepage. Search term:. Read more. This page is best viewed in an up-to-date web browser with style sheets CSS enabled. While you will be able to view the content of this page in your current browser, you will not be able to get the full visual experience.

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Young Stalin

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At PM on 24 Jun , me wrote: 1 There's a little truth in what you say, in that the communists had some sympathy in the West, but the main reason Hitler got a worse press owned by the rich, don't forget, who hardly love communism is that his crimes could be readily demonstrated because he was defeated. Certainly this was true in the realm of economics. Although some of these policies, including forced grain requisitions, were temporarily abandoned in the s, Stalin brought them back at the end of the decade, eventually enlarging upon them.

And no wonder: they were the logical consequence of every book he had read and every political argument he had ever had. Stalin, as Kotkin reveals him, was neither a dull bureaucrat nor an outlaw but a man shaped by rigid adherence to a puritanical doctrine.

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His violence was not the product of his subconscious but of the Bolshevik engagement with Marxist-Leninist ideology. This ideology offered Stalin a deep sense of certainty in the face of political and economic setbacks. If policies designed to produce prosperity created poverty instead, an explanation could always be found: the theory had been incorrectly interpreted, the forces were not correctly aligned, the officials had blundered.

If Soviet policies were unpopular, even among workers, that too could be explained: antagonism was rising because the class struggle was intensifying. Whatever went wrong, the counterrevolution, the forces of conservatism, the secret influence of the bourgeoisie could always be held responsible.

These beliefs were further reinforced by the searing battles of —20 between the Red and White Armies. Over and over again, Stalin learned that violence was the key to success. For Stalin, the civil war was especially formative, since it gave him his first experience of executive power. In , he was sent to the city of Tsaritsyn, strategically situated along the Volga River and the site of an important rail junction.

These methods almost led to the military collapse of Tsaritsyn, and Lenin was eventually persuaded to recall Stalin to Moscow. But they did produce the grain. Nonetheless Kornilov seemed the man of the moment, and he started reading books on Napoleon, always a bad sign in men of the moment.

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Knock knock. Oh, well come right in then. I hope you like pink waffers. Because the weather has been making me angry and forcing me to dress somewhat like a young Stalin, I am going to be Communist until the weather gets better. Log in Sign up. Joseph Stalin young Stalin beards scarves bassist.

He is pretty hot, as far as dictators go. To the moon. Move tirelessly Do not hang your head Scatter the mist of the clouds The Lords providence is great Gently smile at the earth Stretched out beneath you; Sing a lullaby to the glacier Strung from the heavens. So, lovely moon, as before Glimmer through the clouds; Pleasantly in the azure vault Make your beams play But i shall undo my vest And thrust out my chest to the moon, With outstretched arms, i shall revere The spreader of light upon the earth!

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