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Hi, Karin Welcome to the blog, and thanks for sharing five secrets about you and your writing. Hugs, LA.

Interview: Karin Kaufman – Working Writers

Thanks for inviting me, Leslie! It was fun.

I love the idea of authors dishing out five secrets about themselves and their work. Hey Karin, Love the cover art! Sounds like a fun book.

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Anna Denning Mystery Series Box Set: Books 1-3

Did writing from a mouse's POV present any difficulties at all? Karin -- I'm absolutely thrilled that you're considering a second Geraldine story!

But please don't stop at only two. I want to see Geraldine grow up and have a family of her own. Brad, I love the cover too!

When Night Comes part of 5-Book Set

It was done by a fantastic Romanian illustrator by the name of Adrian Cerchez. Google his name and you can find his website.

About the mouse's POV--strangely, it wasn't a problem! Not once I put myself in that frame of mind.

Anna Denning

Maybe that's because I read so many children's books featuring animals when I was a child. A killer on the loose.

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Sleeping late, reading books by a roaring fire. All they have to do is ignore the raging sn First there were nightmares.

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Then a terrifying visitation. Four days into Young Geraldine longs to have adventures as thrilling as those in the Book of Tales, the book her papa reads to her and her brother Button at night. More than that, she wants to be brave--a seemingly impossible task in a world where ravens throw blac A decades-old murder has a stranglehold on the present. There are rumors among the government-sanctioned assassins at Gatehouse that the killers they hunt are no longer human.