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After Emerson brought him to a boil, and he produced Leaves of Grass , Whitman sent a copy to the sage of Concord.

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Emerson wrote back what may be the most generous letter ever sent by one great writer to another. Remember: Whitman was a nobody. Emerson could readily have consigned the book to the trash heap. Remember: Emerson offered the road map and Whitman followed it. That is not what happened. I am very happy in reading it, as great power makes us happy. Giving out your number may seem fairly innocuous, but it can have big consequences.

The commander in chief is impulsive, disdains expertise, and gets his intelligence briefings from Fox News. What does this mean for those on the front lines? For most of the past two decades, American troops have been deployed all over the world—to about countries. During that time, hundreds of thousands of young men and women have experienced combat, and a generation of officers have come of age dealing with the practical realities of war.

They possess a deep well of knowledge and experience. For the past three years, these highly trained professionals have been commanded by Donald Trump. To get a sense of what serving Trump has been like, I interviewed officers up and down the ranks, as well as several present and former civilian Pentagon employees.

Among the officers I spoke with were four of the highest ranks—three or four stars—all recently retired. All but one served Trump directly; the other left the service shortly before Trump was inaugurated. Last Thursday, Donald Trump said something that, on its face, seemed inexplicably self-defeating.

Already under attack for having asked Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden, he publicly asked China to do the same. The majority of Republican voters and politicians still oppose his impeachment. His China comments may even prove politically shrewd. Research into the psychology of secrecy and confidence helps explain why. The arguments build a steel hull around the president, attempting to keep the rising tide of probes from getting him wet by closing off every angle for investigation. But like the similarly unsinkable Titanic, this legal edifice hit an iceberg on a trip to Manhattan.

On a third-down play last season, the Washington Redskins quarterback Alex Smith stood in shotgun formation, five yards behind the line of scrimmage. As he called his signals, a Houston Texans cornerback, Kareem Jackson, suddenly sprinted forward from a position four yards behind the defensive line. On the latest episode, the show departed from its dependence on guest stars to deliver a fresh, hilarious take on stereotypes.

When the perpetrator of a gas-station robbery turned out to be white, the black anchors cheered. The newscast then swiftly turned into a ferocious competition: With every crime, the foursome anticipated the race of the culprit.

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And with every reveal, the group found their expectations subverted. Geopolitics is a contest of bad ideas.

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The great virtue of Twitter is that it forces users to be concise. One downside is that when an extremely powerful crazy person —the president of the United States, say—uses it, he can sound a bit like the Abrahamic God in one of his more wrathful moments. The subject of this tweet, Turkey, had just hours before been the unconditional beneficiary of a sickening desertion by the United States. Late last night, the White House issued a statement confirming that the United States would stand by while Turkey asserted control over northern Syria—including territory controlled by the Kurds, who have been integral to the anti—Islamic State coalition.

Turkey has consistently promised to strangle any Kurdish state before it becomes permanent. Apparently Trump assented to the Turkish position, and in a hurry to extricate America from northern Syria, abandoned the Kurds to the mercies of their most powerful enemy. Starting with his debut in Batman No. While always sporting his signature clown makeup, he functioned first as a gangland spree killer in the s, and was then softened to more of a gimmicky nuisance in the s.

In the s, when the Adam West—starring Batman TV series aired on ABC, the Joker was a goofy sideshow, a cackling trickster played by Cesar Romero who famously refused to shave his mustache for the role, instead painting white makeup right over it. In its new season, the Netflix animated comedy untangles the influences that can lead young men to embrace sexist ideas. But early in the first episode of the newly released third season, the series presents a more shocking visual than usual. Tired and frustrated, trust in each other all but gone, Britain and the European Union are on the brink of throwing away three years of painstaking work setting out the terms of their separation over a fundamental—and important—point of principle that both sides refuse to abandon: sovereignty.

The Night Alive

Should a divorce deal not be reached, Prime Minister Boris Johnson would likely have to ask the EU for a further delay to Brexit, meaning the election would almost certainly take place before the split has happened. Middle school. The very memory of it prompts disgust. Middle school is the worst.

Tweenhood, which starts around age 9 , is horrifying for a few reasons. For one, the body morphs in weird and scary ways. Certain parts expand faster than others, sometimes so fast that they cause literal growing pains; hair grows in awkward locations, often accompanied by awkward smells. And many kids face new schools and a new set of rules for how to act, both socially and academically. It could be okay. It could be good , even. In Germany, prosecutors are using virtual-reality models of the death camp to build cases against World War II criminals. In a StoryCorps animation, Patrick Haggerty remembers the remarkable advice he got from his dairy farmer dad.

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Catherine Spangler and Sophia Myszkowski Oct 3, Most Popular Presented by. His brazen attempts to redefine the norms of acceptable conduct work for a reason.

It looks like a bad Twitter pic from a too-dark restaurant. Prep the zucchini blossoms by removing the stamen from the centre of each flower. Slice each mozzarella ball in half. Quarter each anchovy fillet. Stuff one piece of cheese and one piece of anchovy into the centre of each blossom. Repeat until all blossoms are stuffed. Pour oil into a 3-quart pan. The oil should come up no higher than a third of the pan.

Place pan over medium high heat. Set a baking rack lined with a recycled paper bag on the counter next to the stove. In a medium bowl, whisk flour, cornstarch, baking powder, salt and pepper. Slowly whisk in sparkling water until the mixture is the consistency of heavy cream. When the oil is hot, dip one stuffed blossom into the batter and immediately lower it into the hot oil.

Repeat the process with 2 or 3 more flowers, taking care not to crowd them in the pan.