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  • Allah Love’s The Breath Of The Fasting Person.
  • He who fasts has two joys.
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Deep articulate breathing, breath that reverberates from your diaphragm, deep below, from your core. The shallowness and mundaneness of life and the world has stopped most of us in our tracks and taught us to breathe just as shallow. Breathing deeply the name Allah, drawn out to a six second count.

He who fasts has two joys

The Al Alif, Lam drawn to three seconds and the Lah Lam, Ha drawn to three seconds, with the Ha a deep heave from the sternum, diaphragmatic, vibrating and vibrant pulsating up the airway to the opening of the mouth. I advised him to do this, rather mindful of my masters teaching, but after hearing the opening first few sentences of the sermon later that day, it sent me into a spiralling and dizzying flurry of meditative thought. How could I have missed this important piece of the puzzle? Allah Himself breathed into Adam his soul. To bring him to life! Here Adam was, fashioned by the best fashioner, in perfect form, but otherwise lifeless, dead until Allah allowed his soul to enter, suddenly alive and in total awareness that Allah is his source of life.

If a man engineers a vehicle, builds a building, designs a city, creates something, then the knowledge of that thing, its intricacies, nuances, inner most realities, secrets, weaknesses and strengths are all known to him. If that is what we know of creation of material, then it suffices to deduce that Allah also knows His creation and what He has fashioned. That is, he blesses us with the Quran and His beloved Messenger and Prophet Muhammad, may peace and blessings be upon him and his noble family.

It is this breath that bounces between our sides, which dances in our cavities and ends up flowing through our veins to every cell in our bodies to keep us alive. Stop breathing and see what happens to you. What is it about this breath that can become euphoric in a sensation of exertion, perhaps why those addicted to exertion through exercise, through rigours of pushing their bodies to the limit unwittingly participate over and over again, subconsciously, their souls, their ability to stay alive is bound by this sacred entrusting.

The breath Allah provided us, a constant revitalisation, and rejuvenation of that pact. That is, all this worldly material is really an attraction to basely and lowly things dunya. Whether it is a car or house, both steel and brick derived and extracted from the earth. Whether it is food and attraction or addiction to it, they are sourced from the earth. Everything you can conceive of, its origin, the earth. This also reminded me of an earlier idea I proposed to someone that week, that no different, humankind is from the earth. It is not befitting of a man or woman of sound nature and discerning mind to be overwhelmed by this intoxicating obsession for another being.

Beings are not for possession, they are on loan to the world, coming from the earth, returning to the earth, allowed existence only by the mere fact they are allowed a breath to pass their lips, no second of breathing guaranteed more than the next, the source of all of that Allah, God.

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What then is this near heathen approach and bestiality in being infatuated beyond reason to humans, again as aforementioned to a material thing, to a perishing thing? Perhaps why I want to heave a little harder, breathe a little deeper, be deprived a breath or two to be reminded, to be discarded and re-invited by His majesty to be at least in His company, through if only a physiological exchange, that may one day transform into the spiritual exchange.

What I do know is that this contraction Qabd and expansion Bast of heart and lungs, of chest and diaphragm is not to be taken for granted. Allah is Al Qabid, Al Basit. Oh Allah, perfume my breath with Your name, do not ever leave me in vain, do not expose me in shame, do not keep me the same, O turner of hearts, turn me in whatever manner you see fit, and breathing, in your remembrance, leave me no other utterance to proclaim, but Your name, Your Name. Say: The soul is one of the commands of my Lord, and you are not given aught of knowledge but a little.

No stone, nor mountain, would in future find more peace, and tremble with love and awe, than by hearing your voice, And have your breath between them soar.

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God made that stone and every stone, subservient to your Ruh, your Reeh, your zephyr that passes between your teeth, from the well within, far too deep, for the materialist minds, for the societal sheep, to do anything but misunderstand, but a thousand years and a thousand more, still makes every believer weep. Bilal Ibn Rabah, was the first African to become a Muslim.

He suffered tremendously for his pronouncement of faith. At a time where the Meccan dignitaries were oppressing anyone, be they of nobility or a layman, the punishment endured by Bilal was nothing short of an extension and proof of the putridness that lay within them, the barbarity and hostility they had towards anyone who professed to believe in One God.

A slave to wealthy Meccans, upon hearing the call to believe in one God, the equality of men and women before God that Islam espoused, Bilal defied his owners and would not whip Ammar bin Yassir when asked to make an example out of him. Spear of Muhammad members will be releasing anthrax at a crowded bazaar in Turkey, and it is up to TAG team to stop them.

So, the Description: Charles Rayson runs a branch of the Central Intelligence Agency - TAG - Technology Applications Group, and their current mission is to help rescue the daughter of an oil tycoon from a group of terrorist kidnappers known as the "Spear of Muhammad". So, they track the phone conversations of the terrorists and come up with a plan to eliminate the threats, but what happens when Charlie and the his team find out that one of their own could be in on the plot? Can they still stop the attack and save thousands of lives, including their own?

Review: Breath of Allah is a fast-paced, action-packed, intense spy thriller that will have readers riveted. The chapters were short, the characters were believable, and the dialogue was anything but boring and "scripted". I love books that I can get lost in, and this book definitely applies; I sympathized with the characters, experienced the Parisian and Turkish scenery, and felt like I was part of TAG for every twist and turn. I even enjoyed the ending, which is rare since I usually don't want books like this one to end! The only drawback was the amount of technical jargon involved, but it was easy enough to look up and get the gist.

I cannot believe that this is Steven W. Ritcheson's first book! I will definitely be looking for more in years to come! This book is recommended for both men and women who like intense and realistic espionage thrillers. Rating: On the Run 4. Oct 15, ILoveBooks rated it really liked it.


This book is full of action and intense scenes. One of the best qualities this book has to offer would be that both male and female readers can enjoy the book. Charles is a very dynamic character. He will win the reader over within a few pages. The reader will likely be impressed with his intellect, bravery, and inquisitive nature.

He is a character who makes things happen, rather than sitting around while watching his own future This book is full of action and intense scenes. He is a character who makes things happen, rather than sitting around while watching his own future be decided for him. The supporting characters round out the novel. The events are full of action, the scenes are fast-paced. The ending is perfect for this book. This book is recommended to adult readers. Mar 28, Shannon rated it it was amazing. I recommend this book highly. There's something for everyone because Mr. The wazifa is a personal spiritual prescription designed to bring the student through the levels of nafs egoistic or animalistic nature and to an abiding close relationship with Allah.

Please visit our page with zikr and sohbet audio and video samples. Whether you see it or not, whether you believe it or not, everything in the universe is praising Allah.


When you find the truth, you can see it. All things are praising Allah, by turning, by vibration, by motion. So are you, all human beings, all of the animals, everybody. Your heart says Al-lah, Al-lah, Al-lah — this is how it beats. Can you live without breathing? You cannot. Each time we breath: hhhu, hhhu, hhhu — this hhhu is the name of Allah, Hu.

You are saying His name, whether you want to or not. This is the way your body makes zikr , the remembrance of Allah. Allah gave you the ability to control some things, and expects you to join the cosmos and use your body willingly, consciously, and knowingly by making zikr. Although you are already making zikr involuntarily, put your consciousness there now: Hu, Hu, Hu.

Special Forces Sniper shows off a Minigun - Sniper Locker - Tactical Rifleman

Alter it a little bit and make it your own. This is what Allah is expecting from you. When you know the truth — that there is God and there is you — you have a responsibility to uphold the truth. Allah created the whole universe for a purpose, including you. Happiness is centered in the heart. It is the heart taking control of the brain. If your heart is happy, everywhere else within you is happy. If you want peace in your brain, you have to surrender. Shut the mind up and surrender it to your heart.

Another meaning of this ayat is to make zikr of Him in accordance with your spiritual level. This shows us the best zikr. It means there is no other Allah God , but Allah Himself. There are levels special to each station of zikr. These zikrs are either done jahri outwardly; aloud or khafi silently; hidden , in other words, either with open voice or by the heart.