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Where is she? Is she ok? I hope she's alright. I, too, hope that Julia hasn't gone missing!

Two kids home sick with some icky respiratory thingy. Poor Hayley and therefore mom has been up since 4 a.

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Even the puppies are sleepier than usual today. I keep chanting to myself: Don't get it; don't get it; don't get it. Well, to chime in on the baseball rivalry, hubby and I are aligned with the Red Sox. Off to make some tea to stay awake until an appropriate bedtime. Have a good evening. Good luck job hunting. I am having lots of fun too watching the money roll right out of my bank account. I gets lots of helpful advice from people saying "Oh but you did save up lots of money just in case this happened right? I too have gone through the joys of home buying and the ever fun re financing.

It's all stress now but it will be worth it when you finally own your own home. Plus, there is the tax write off. Haymoni and Catherine, I hope the kids get better soon! I hope the two of you stay healthy, because if it's anything like my house, it really doesn't matter if mom becomes sick!

I still have to take care of everybody.

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ICThestrals and Padfoot, I'm sending employment charms your way! And Acceber, I'm rooting for the Red Sox for nothing else than just a change of pace. Hubby says St. Louis is going to win it all anyways, so it really doesn't matter. Being from Cleveland, it is hard watching Manny Ramirez in someone else's uniform, but I wish him all the best. I will be home tomorrow with the Pink-Eyed Daughter.

It is right before my busiest time of year at work, but maybe I'll get started on the packing for Disney World. It's been a really disgustingly busy couple of weeks. They told us teachers not to search the web "for fun" any more at work. Now I'm only supposed to look things up about the things we're studying in school "The Outsiders" is next; good book. Nonetheless, sorry for once again zipping ahead to recent entries, but hopefully everyone is doing wonderfully!

I'm rooting for the Red Sox too, but if not them, Houston. I don't want St. Louis How my St. Louis relatives would torture me! I am now about to give birth to a brand new baby ulcer. Second, please no "pics" of your new baby ulcer? Here's hoping you and Cynde both have the best luck in getting a job. One that we'll all be jealous of when you get it!! Well, part of our state got hit with some severe storms yesterday -- there were some bad thunderstorms and a few tornados. Luckily none here in my area, but it was bad in the lower half and eastern side of the state. FYI for those who are "thinking" about trying to fry their 1st turkey here soon.

Which I highly recommend!!! That way, when we are ready to fry the thawed out turkey we know exactly how much oil to add without it overflowing. Talk about ruining a perfectly good book with a movie! Dally was supposed to have an elfish face and hair so blonde it was almost white - Matt Dillon??? Patrick Swayze as Darry was good, but you couldn't get close enough to see his eyes. Book-Darry had eyes like ice. Diane Lane was pretty good as Cherry - how pretty is she??? The nerve. Hinton the author who wrote the book in her teens as I recall actually played the nurse that Matt Dillon is hassling.

I'm pretty sure I swiped a paperback copy of that book from my high school. It has to be around here somewhere, along with my black-handled switchblade. The internet connections at UConn are working just fine. As Accio Sirius mentioned, I do indeed have midterms this week, two of them tomorrow in fact. I've been studying in a very Hermione like fashion, although I've been lurking all along. I realized that the playoffs bring out the worst in me and I don't like it very much, that combined with frustration and midterms is making me not happy right now.

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My only real experience is basketball and I've been a Laker fan for over 20 years. I'm old.

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What's more, I'm tiring of pointing this out. Anyway, I always found myself a much better sport when the Lakers were clinging to a series lead than when they were up or Sorry, just teasing. Study hard!! Don't put it off 'til later, cuz I'm sure you're a first-rater! Ok, now I'm sleepy and old, because positive reinforcement is just not not my style. I am far too much of a kid myself to even consider bringing one into the world.

He or she might try to play with my LEGOs or read my comic books! Re Outsiders: I remember that movie, mainly because Marie was a squealy teenybopper when it came out.

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It's the same reason I know the lyrics to Duran Duran's entire catalog up to their first breakup, anyway. They had the radio on the 80's station at work recently, and I found myself singing along to "Save A Prayer"; it was most embarassing. I'd just like to say I'm back. Best wishes for all the birthdays, celebrations I missed but I had to use the cheat button mark as read to get along with this thread.

Off to lunch it's pm here. Everyone has a good day. Jack - hang in there too, the completion makes it all worth it!! Septentrion - pleased you had a good time. We all have our flahsback moments. My freshman roommate in college had a Duran Duran poster, and sadly, I didn't mind at the time. I may have even gone to see them in concert, but I can't be sure--I may be repressing that memory.

I've been on a Cheap Trick kick lately, trying to recapture those moments of dancing around the room with high school friends and squealing over Tom Petersson who just by the way, in his prime, could have played Sirius. I try not to regret too much from my past as it is pointless, but I'm glad nobody has pictures of me from a Journey concert. Anybody else trying to repress an embarrassing concert event from their youth? I liked Journey, but I went to the 2nd concert to see Bryan. I saw the Stray Cats. It had been raining and a mudslide had formed on the lawn - what a riot!

How depressing!

I don't choose to forget my 7th grade obsession with Duran Duran and how many times best-buddy Lisa and I watched the Hungry Like the Wolf video we taped from Friday Night Videos because MTV hadn't made it into our neck of the woods yet. Those were good times that we laugh about. If I really dredge up the "need to be forgotten" memories, I might think about, in the same year, that some friends and I performed to the song "Freakazoid Robots" in the middle school talent show.

In one of them, we all dressed up for the Headbangers' Ball.

Our attire consisted of dog chains, leather, ripped clothes, bizarre hairstyles, and anything too tight and too short that would give our mothers apoplexy. I can't believe that we actually went out like that. What WERE we thinking?